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We strongly believe that STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) education is the key of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. STEAM education is the practical knowledge which should be an integral parts of our regular education system. A strong STEAM education is becoming increasingly recognized as a key driver of opportunity, and data show the need for STEAM knowledge and skills will grow and continue into the future. This type of hands-on and technology based learning isn't only for engineers or scientist, it is for all those who belive in the innovations.

Practical education helps to improve logical thinking, problem solving

skills, creativity and imagination along with the airthematic operations.

And with respect to this concept we have taken an initiative to

increase Innovation with the vision of educating

millions of young minds.



Director & Sr. Educator

                                         Mukesh bind is young, enthusiastic and highly motivated newGen mind. He is very passionate in                                                    learning and implementing his ideas. He has years of experiences in the STEM education and during his                                   vast experience, he has worked for many different roles Content developer, Program Manager, International training and coach etc. While working for different roles he has trained almost 6000+ students and 100s of teachers from almost 10 different countries, he is also serving the country by providing his mentorship to teachers and students from the Atal Innovation Mission(AIM NITI Aayog). Just in 4 years of participation, he has represented India at International level with 5 different teams, holding Regional, National and International Gold medal tags. He strongly believes in Mentoring a girls team which can be an idol for the other girls to come and rock among the other participants. One day he will succeed on his vision of educating one hundred thousand young minds.



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